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VIEWspotlight March 2009


Peter Franck

A good photo has to show what hasn’t been shown yet.

His photos are somehow porn. But only somehow. His sceneries sometimes seem sleazy and sometimes baroque classy. His models look strangely spaced-out, his mise-en-scènes intimate, but sterile at the same time. Peter Franck (little3040) usually takes his photos for an imaginary observer, whose voyeurism is demonstrated to him quite obviousely.

How did you start becoming interested in photography?
Through my brother, who has been interested in photography since he was a kid. Now he works as an advertising photographer. My first useful camera was an analogue Nikon F90x and a Lomo as an offset. I always used colour films.

Why did you choose that particular camera equipment?
I chose a Canon 5D MarkII. After changing from Nikon F4 to Canon, I got familiar with Canon. But the choice is not immovable. The 5D combines Canon handling with very high resolution. Most often I use a zoom lens (24-105, 17-40). Though I have the opportunity to work in a studio, a big variety of equipment is used.

Which importance do you attach to electronic image processing?
That's very important. Most of the pictures are composed at my computer. I use CS3 (Photoshop). Without postprocessing I would give away a wide range of opportunities. When I start photographing there is already the period of postprocessing in my mind. That's how I collect my raw material. A professional tool box should contain a lot of tools being prepared for any kind of patching. But that's not immovable as well.