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VIEWspotlight March 2009


... vic firth meets nicko mac herfen ...

Eddie Bragard

... vic firth meets nicko mac herfen ... think-tank-ART

A friend asked Eddie Bragard to make special pregnancy shots of her. Since the soon-to-be-parents both consider themselves part of the metal scene, the idea behind this photo suggested itself. The shooting took place at the photographer’s house and ran smooth and relaxed. For Eddie Bragard, the important part of his work is the editing of the photo afterwards. The “passionate studio denier” merely uses the original photograph as a basis for composing on the computer.

The “picture maker”, as he calls himself, who lives in Koblenz/Germany, regularly exhibits his photos in allover Europe. Momentarily, he is working on his own fashion label order to make his photos part of everyday life by printing them on different articles of clothing. That way, he wants to get his photos “out of the frame and off the walls.” Since November 2006, Eddie Bragard's alias think-tank-ART’s works can be viewed at VIEW Fotocommunity .

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