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Schmerz Lyon Schmerz/Leid Yoko Ono Güterwagon Ungerechtigkeit
Freight Train by Yoko Ono
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Freight Train by Yoko Ono

Es geht hier nicht um Technik. This wagon, covered in bullet holes from which rays of light shine out, was originally inspired by a dramatic incident : the death in 1987 of several Mexicans who had been trying to cross over the United States border in a freight train. The locked wagon was abandoned in the middle of the desert. Yoko Ono sees this work as ‘a memorial to all the injustices of the 20th century’ and ‘a manifesto of resistance, cure and hope for the future’.
The comment of the artist that can be read on the wagon itself is the following :
A work of atonement
for the injustice and pain
we've experience
in this century,
expressing resistance,
healing and hope
for the future.
autum, 1999 y.o.
This work, which evokes the most tragic episodes in our recent history, is nevertheless a homage to optimism for the future, as well as a place of memory./mac-lyon


Rubrik: Still
Schlagwörter: Schmerz | Lyon | Schmerz/Leid | Yoko Ono | Güterwagon | Ungerechtigkeit
Aufrufe: 157
Größe: 2736×1824 | Blende: f/3,5 | Brennweite: 18 mm | Belichtungszeit: 16/10 s | ISO: 200 | Kamera: SLT-A58 | Zeitpunkt: 29.11.2016

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