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Natur Winter See Eis Gefroren lake ice Forzen
Ice Lake
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Ice Lake

In winter, the lakes freeze solid - the animals are afraid of the ice and will only cross when it is disguised by a covering of snow. It takes the families five gruelling days to cross the mountains, frozen lakes and reach the camp.They move about a thousand animals including yaks, camels, goats and eagles.

Altai Mountains, Western Mongolia.
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Rubrik: Natur
Schlagwörter: Natur | Winter | See | Eis | Gefroren | lake | ice | Forzen | | ice lake
Aus der Serie: • The Migration of the Eagle Hunters •
Aufrufe: 2115
Größe: 2000×1125 | Blende: f/8,0 | Brennweite: 24 mm | Belichtungszeit: 1/1000 s | ISO: 400 | Kamera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Zeitpunkt: 28.02.2017

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