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Astral Traveller
This is Nastya inside Cologne Cathedral. Behind her you see the shrine in which according to legend the bones of the Three Kings were placed.
But it was banned from history, that they were poeple from other stars, whose spaceship was the Star of Bethlehem.
Without them, Jesus didn't became what he was and never would have influenced the history for over 2000 years. The first influencer.
But people killed the Kings (and later the King of Kings) and locked up their bones in a box.
According to the Revelation to John these events 2000 years ago lead to a big final fight in the heavens und finally leads to a big unity:
The Borg? The Founders?

Today is the international Make Up Your Own Holiday Day


Rubrik: Menschen
Schlagwörter: Portrait | girl | Dom | RickB | RickB500 | Kölner Dom | cologne | nastya | Cathedral | three kings
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