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People Street and Situation
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..unreachable distance..

Walking along the jakarta streets (indonesia).. bringing a sack and iron stick...collecting rubbish to be sold.she didnt care about using sendals...even the weather that day was crazy hot.u can imagine how hot it was walking on the hot aspalt without sendals.but she didnt care.....never care about body care, skin care.....she didnt need that sun protection lotion that often promoted in the advertisement in television and the bilboards along the streets.even its so tempting...seducing.all those product may will only be her dream.or may will merely be a spectacle.
among of those thousands lucky women who are able to get beautiful life,still there are also those who are unlucky. : nikon f90x........

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Aus der Serie: street n journal..

Rubrik: Menschen
Schlagwörter: People | Street and Situation
Aus der Serie: street n journal..
Aufrufe: 56
Größe: 600×800 | Zeitpunkt: 27.07.2006

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