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Im Benihana - der Meister in action
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Im Benihana - der Meister in action

BENIHANA - An Experience at every table. Benihana restaurants are traditional Japanese-style hibachi steakhouses - called "teppanyaki." At Benihana, your meal is prepared and served by performing chef, right at your table. Diners can choose from a variety of fresh sushi and other Japanese favorites. At Benihana our food is not only cooked it's choreographed. Our chefs will have you craving for more as they slice and dice your meal before your eyes. Highly skilled and trained in the art of Eatertainment your personal chef will perform as they cook such favorites as steak, chicken, seafood and fresh vegetables in traditional Japanese style on a hibachi table. Piccadilly, England 37 Sackville St., Piccadilly, England W1X 2DQ Telephone: (207) 494-2525


Rubrik: Menschen
Schlagwörter: Menschen | London | Action | Japan | Restaurant | Menschen in der Stadt | Koch | japanisch | japanisches Restaurant | Benihana
Aus der Serie: London
Aufrufe: 149
Größe: 801×600

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