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VIEWspotlight March 2009

Oliver Marzischewski


He is cool, bold and lots of models sink beneath the weight of his charm. Oliver Marzischewski does not compromise: all or nothing. VIEWspotlight in a conversation with the Enfant Terrible of the glamour pinup scene – though a different kind of “women whisperer”.

Photographers who do not have the guts to contact woman in a model community for a photo session surely envy him: There are only few who have a portfolio that full of sexy posing beautiful women like him. Oliver Marzischewski doesn’t like partial matters : “Models who want to be photographed have to realise what they are getting into. If I say ‘nude’, I really mean ‘nude’.”

His photographs speak plain language: Anatomic details are hardly ever left out. In order not to collide with youth protection laws, he censures his photos himself with a wink: A stop sign covers sometimes more, sometimes less, whatever is not compatible with public photo platforms.

Despite displayed abandon and the obvious pinup style, the women do not seem denounced. Whether erotic, sexy, or provocative – on the computer, the pinup artist provides every photo with the noble glamour touch, that many photographers try to copy. He’s a master of his business: Whoever watches his photos wouldn’t believe that they were taken in his living room in front of woodchip wallpaper. “The models have no more than 1.5 square metres to move around,” says Oliver with a wink.

He has been working with Photoshop since Version 2.0. His workflow is no sorcery, he says. “In the beginning, there’s the photo. The light settings I have in mind before. On the computer, I do cutting, rotation, standard beauty retouching, sometimes a little bit liquefying, tipping, and at least dodge & burn. Done.”

That way, he transforms the women, who are mostly amateur models, but sometimes also porn actresses, into his oli.m.Barbies. He isn’t intented, however, transforming A-cups into a C’s. “That would be pure nonsense.”

What does such a shoot look like? “I would never photograph without warming up. In the beginning, there are phone calls and long conversations. If the models got the impression that I would try to wind them up, these photos would never come into existence.” And that is how he manages to have his models behaving relaxed in front of the camera. “Once, a model said, that she would not even want her boyfriend to see her that way.” When asked whether he has ever gotten in trouble with jealous boyfriends, he says casually: “I got phone calls from some. But they rather wanted advice on their relationships.”

And how does he manage to keep cool during such shoots? He laughs: “Admittedly, I am known for hooking up with anything alive, but during the session, nothing is going on. I am focussed on the photograph and there is much laughing going on, because I show the models how I want them to pose and tell stories animating them. Everything else would be unprofessional.” And afterwards? He avoids an answer. Of course, that would not concern the photo any longer…

Oliver Marzischewski is from Berlin/Germany and photographs using a Canon. Since April 2006, he has been displaying his photos in the VIEW Fotocommunity under oli.m. Galleries and publishers can contact him through his homepage. The next five pages show you an excerpt from his portfolio.