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VIEWspotlight March 2009

Akira Sun

Akira Sun

Sascha Pietschmann

Canon EOS 400D, Tokina 12-24mm/f4, f4, 1/160s
Akira Sun TribleXxx Canon EOS 400D, Tokina 12-24mm/f4, f4, 1/160s

In the course of a shooting with Akira Sun, Sascha Pietschmann took this photograph. The coorperation went perfectly. “Akira Sun is a very professional model. She is punctual, inspiring, expressive, and laid-back. She knows what the photographer is looking for and that’s why working with her is very effective. With the right chemistry, you always get good photographs. I would work with her again and again, because she is also very versatile,” says Sascha Pietschmann about Akira Sun.

The range of the hobby photographer, who lives in Braunschweig/Germany, containes architecture, still lives and nude photography. Since August 2007 you can find Sascha Pietschmann at VIEW Fotocommunity under TribleXxx.

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