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VIEWspotlight March 2009

The Nude Model


Many young girls want to become models. But what should be paid attention to? VIEWspotlight interviewed Akira Sun, who is an ER nurse and models part-time. Insights into a nude models work.

Akira, you have been working as a model for three years. In your opinion, what is the procedure of an ideal nude shoot?
For me it’s important to coordinate with the photographer beforehand how he pictures the shoot. As soon as I arrive at the location, the shoot can start. I don’t need warm-up time. But I do like to sit down with the photographer and go through the shoot.

Which nude photographer do you like working with best and why?
I like to work with Janosch Simon (JSFotografie), Daniel Gieseke (triografie), Sascha Hüttenhain and Uwe Johannsen (uwe_johannsen). The results were great each time. And the cooperation was very pleasant, we get along well.

What is important especially to you during a shoot?
The photographer is not allowed to touch the model without her permission! If, for instance, a streak of hair falls out of place, or something else requires intervention, the photographer always has to ask first, before touching the model.

In your eyes, what makes a good nude photograph?
It shouldn’t look posed or tensed. I place great value on aesthetics. That’s very important. I don’t appreciate crude nude photos.

If you could assemble your dream team, what would it look like?
Of course it is helpful when there’s a make-up artist and a stylist on the set. But by request, I can do that myself. On top, a creative photographer and a great location.

Do you like working alone or together with colleagues?
I’m very flexible, when it comes to that. I do frequently receive inquiries by other models, though, male as well as female.

What piece of advice would you give to young newcomer models?
I started with TFP (time for prints). Neither the model, nor the photographer pay anything in this type of cooperation and both can use the prints for their promotion purposes. Sometimes, with special projects, I still do it that way today in order to extend my book. In a written agreement, the photos’ rights of use should be settled on both sides in any case. If you have good photo material after all, you can start applying to agencies. That’s where you can get big commissions.
For a start, communities like VIEW are very good for building up connections and making experiences.

Which were your first steps becoming a nude model?
I started relatively late and I never would have thought that I would get this successful. Especially as an Asian it is not easy, since in Germany the European type is highly demanded. I have been working as a model for four years; three years thereof as a nude model. I have never had problems showing my body. I have been raised very openly.

Would you tell us some anecdotes from your model life?
I would not like to miss one moment, but there was a shoot for a calendar that was very hard for me: On Sardinia I had to climb on a sandstone rock that didn’t seem very stable and I’m acrophobic. Underwater shoots for aquarium nudes were exhausting. We shot at a public pool with nine other models and since we couldn’t start ‘till the evening, the shoot took ‘till late that night. Right in the beginning, a colleague accidentally kicked me in the face. That gave me a bad headache that wouldn’t go away. But you have to be able to deal with stuff like that.

Who would you like to be photographed by?
By Andreas Bitesnich. I think his works are superb.

Since September 2006 you can view photographs of Akira-Sun at VIEW Fotocommunity. For booking, see her homepage.